Project Management


Finance & Project Manager

At Sense, my interests and education are combined in my job: IT, innovation and finance.

I’m happy to work at Sense, because the atmosphere is great: there’s room for ideas and freedom to be a part of pretty much any project you’d like. Plus, the level-of-nerd at the company is exactly right.

Typical days are quite rare: some days I will be out discussing implementation steps with new customers, and other days I will be providing phone or email support for our products, getting investors on the phone, or gathering and processing user feedback. I like to be passionate about what I do: whether it’s giving customers the best experience, or convincing colleagues that League of Legends is a proper sport.

My colleagues are an interesting mix of health nuts, computer geeks, and the occasional “normal” person (although that quickly fades around here).

Would you like to discuss League of Legends during lunch? Join our team or challenge me personally for a game. E-mail me!


Office & Project Manager

Sense is a very friendly and open environment to work in. Lines of communication are short among everyone and we can all pitch in on various projects. Although I don’t share a lot of the spare time activities with my coworkers (like gaming or team sports), we have a great time together at work, during our outings and Friday drinks.

My job description? My job is very varied:

I usually start by sorting through the mail. First I reply to the applicants for our various job openings, I help a new colleague applying for his residence permit and then I handle financial and support emails. After discussing with my colleagues who handles which request, we get our customers back on the road. Then it’s time for lunch with all our colleagues, which is inseparable from grilled cheese sandwiches. Afterwards some of us like to play a game of foosball, others go for a walk together.

In the afternoon I sit down with our marketing manager to discuss the several channels to use for recruiting and our strategy. After the meeting, I contact recruitment agencies and I work on our job postings. When the day is almost over, I go about prioritizing my tasks for the next day.

Want to know how you’ll fit into our day? Send me an email and I can fill you in.